Monday, October 28, 2013

A product that works! : Amino Collagen

Amino Collagen has done single-handedly what my entire vanity-case could not. I’m a student who works as a model, doing print ads and small commercials, and make-up is a way of life for me. It’s a routine hazard, but one that eventually takes a toll. I have an uneven skin tone, and the constant use of beauty products made it worse. I don’t think I ever went out without make-up on, simply because I thought if I never covered these flaws, I’d look horrible. One of my friends suggested I try Amino Collagen. Honestly, my first reaction was nothing but that of doubt. I had never heard of this Japanese product. But I could see an obvious, healthy glow on her face. This compelled me to give it a try. The product looks very simple and unassuming; nothing fancy or exclusive. I started adding the white Amino Collagen powder to my daily diet. I prefer drinking it with my early morning honey and milk concoction. Within a week, I could see the results. After three months of regular usage, I am an ardent fan of this product! The luminosity that it brought to my skin was absolutely unbelievable! I had developed some darkness on my forehead, near my hairline, about two-three years ago. None of the products I tried made any difference, but Amino Collagen did! My face looks supple and fresh, something I have craved to see for a long time. Now as a routine buyer, I recommend this to everyone in my friend circle. It’s not very costly and the effects are guaranteed.

Pros : simple usage, reasonable price, definite results

Cons : none

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